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Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
(A University Established Under State Act)
Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana State, India


Academic Section I

Academic Section 1


Four Committes under SRC/AC1

1 Project and Budget Approval Committee (PBAC) Once in a Month
2 NIMS Institutional Ethics Committee (NIEC) Once in a Month
3 Ethics Sub-Committee for Graduate Students (ESGS) Once in a Month
4 Data and Safty Monitoring Board (DSMB) Once in a Month
5 Institutional Committee - Stem Cell Research Therapy  
6 Interviews of Research Co-Ordinators  

Activites of Sponsored Research Cell (SRC) :-

  • Receiving the protocols of the above said meetings.
  • Sending the protocols of NIEC and ESGS for pre-review by the intra-mural members.
  • Arranging the meeting dates and venue, meeting event.
  • Sending the protocols to the committee members 2 weeks before the NIEC and ESGS meetings and on a week before PBAC Meeting.
  • Follow up of minutes
  • Circulation of the approved minutes among the committee members.
  • Issuing the approval letters to the candidates.

Administrative Works of SRC/AC1 :-

  • Releasing the Advances
  • Settlement of Advances
  • Processing the purchase of equipments
  • Forwarding the Clinical Trail Agreements
  • Processing of Utilisation Certificates
  • Release of Salaries of Research Co-ordinators
  • Releasing ht Employment Notifications and arranging for the interview by the proceeding committee members

Center for DNA and Finger Printing :-

  • Releasing the Salary of DPO
  • Reimbursement of Transport Bills
  • Conducting the Co-ordination Committee Meeting in NIMS
  • Release of 80% if IP & OP charges to CDFD
  • Arranging the Utilisation Certificate


  • Releasing the installment to Prof. G.J. Samathanam
  • Steering Committee Meeting events
  • Reimbursement of Traval & Expenditure
  • Institutional Committee - Stem Cell Research Therapy (ICSRT)

Number of Tappals received per day - 10

Number of Files dispatched - 5