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Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
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Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana, India
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Nuclear Medicine is an advanced medical branch which uses radiation for medicinal use. The radioisotope is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose. Nuclear Medicine is a very specialized branch which look at the physiology of any disease. As it is well known that disease starts well before any changes are visible in the body sometimes starting as long as years ago. X-ray, CT scan etc can diagnose disease only when anatomical changes have started to occur in the organs, however, since nuclear medicine tracers the physiology of any organ, it diagnoses the disease much earlier hence treatment can be started before irreparable changes have occured.

Diagnostic nuclear medicine is used to diagnose all organ specific diseases like Alzheimer disease in brain, Myocardial viability in heart disease, functional status of kidneys, staging of cancers by PET  to name a few.

Therapeutic nuclear medicine is an emerging branch with new treatments being added everyday. Establised treatments include radioactive iodine (I-131) therapy for thyroid cancer and Graves disease, Samarium -153 EDTMP for unbearable bone pain in cancer patients, radiosynovectomy for various painful joints, I-131 MIBG therapy for extensive pheochromocytoma/neuroblastoma, Lutetium -177 therapy for neuroendocrine tumors and Yttrium-90 Microsphere/Therasphere therapy/I-131 lipidol for advanced hepatic metastases.