Date:01-12-2020 19:47:31  
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Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
(A University Established Under State Act)
Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana, India
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The Department of Microbiology at NIMS, engaged in clinical and diagnostic work in infectious disease as a support for patient care services, has established itself as one of the leading Clinical Microbiology Laboratory in AP. Manned by qualified and dedicated Laboratory personnel and with the help of automated instrumentation, reliable, rapid and quality assured results are generated, which have helped achieve the three vital characteristics of any good laboratory practice - Accuracy, Precision and Timeliness.

-         All the Lab Investigators are posted on 2 shifts

-         Faculty and Specialty Registrars are on duty till 7 PM and on call between 7 pm to 8 am.

The various divisions - Bacteriology (aerobic & anaerobic), Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Parasitology and Serology, are identified separately and manned by qualified Laboratory personnel. Each division is supervised by one Faculty, with rotation once a year among them. All investigations are performed as per standard guidelines using Standard Operating Manuals in every division of the lab. All the protocols are referred to the Clinical Microbiology Practical Handbook (ASM, USA) and CLSI guidelines. This not only helps in improving and maintaining the work quality but also allows each and everyone to get acquainted and master all the techniques that are being performed in the Lab. These manuals are updated regularly with newer techniques and test assays being added to the diagnostic armamentarium. Over the years since inception, there has been a steady increase in the number of tests that are being performed in the Microbiology lab.