Date:01-12-2020 20:16:38  
Last Updated: 01-Dec-2020 20:03:48
Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
(A University Established Under State Act)
Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana, India
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There is a two floor emergency block in the institute under the Department of Emergency Medicine established under the PMSSY project in 2012. It consists of a Tier I trauma center and acute medical care unit with a capacity of 96 beds. There are 3 intensive care units with fully equipped triage facilities for disaster management. The EMD facilities are managed and monitored by 6 faculties, senior residents and 12 emergency medical officers. There is round the clock availability of doctors from supporting departments of medical and surgical specialities. The department has 2 major and 1 minor operation theatre, 24 hour laboratory and blood bank services in the same building. There is a facility for direct admission under Arogyasri and various other insurance schemes. A dedicated desk with Arogyasri is present at enterance of EMD. Being a tertiary care hospital, we resuscitate and stabilise polytraumas and critically ill patients. A General Surgery team is attached to the department which runs OPD services for simple surgical procedures like hydroceles and hernias. The Department believes in providing round the clock best services.