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The Department of Pathology in NIMS was started on 16th September 1986 with Prof. K.S. Ratnakar as the Head of the Department. The department has now established itself as a referral center and centre of excellence not only in the state but in India. The department is the first one in the state that established subspecialties with dedicated efforts and commitment of all the faculty and staff. The department is a member of external quality control programme for cytology, coagulation and histopathology.

Expertise and contribution of the Department

In the various subspecialties are as follows:

Neuropathology: First laboratory in the state for comprehensive workup of neuro-oncology, neuromuscular disorders and infections of CNS. The Department has contributed significantly to the fungal infection of CNS, mitochondrial diseases and intra-operative diagnosis of CNS lesions.

Nephropathology: Comprehensive workup of renal diseases with immune fluorescenes studies and transplant pathology.

Cytopathology: Rapid and cost effective means of diagnostic service in exfoliative cytology, FNAC.  It is accredited by Indian Academy of Cytologists.

Hematopathology: Diagnostic workup of all hematological disorders with facilities for hemolytic work-up, Bone marrow study, hemostasis work up, Flowcytometry, Cytogenetics and molecular studies (FISH) 

Other subspecialties include Bone and soft tissue pathology, Pulmonary pathology, Breast pathology, Lymphnode Pathology, Cytogenetics and others.

The faculty is renowned in their respective subspecialties and had advanced training. They are resource persons in several CMEs, Conferences and Symposia in the state, national and international academic events.

The department hosted and actively participated in all academic events in India and abroad.

Services offered for patient care:

The department has various subdivisions like Clinical pathology, Hematology, Cytology, Histopathology and Cytogenetics. The department offers round the clock services catering to all emergency diagnostic services. The department has state of the art equipment and qualified technical staff to carryout day to day diagnostic services, specialized investigations, enzyme histochemical, immunohistochemical and immunofluorescenes studies. Flow cytometry and Molecular studies (FISH) are recently established. In addition, autopsy services are available.

Teaching and training:

After NIMS attained university status in 1989, the Department has started MCI recognized MD Pathology course with intake of two (2) students per year. Now the annual intake of MD students is five (5) per year. About 50 students passed from the department since 1990 and are well settled in their careers. The department also offers PGDMLT course and actively engages in the teaching of various paramedical courses like B.Sc & M. Sc Nursing. BPT & MPT and others. The department conducts and participates actively in the departmental, interdepartmental and inter college academic activities.

The department also encourages Ph.D programme within the department and in collaborations with CCMB and University of Hyderabad.

The department also provides training to Deputation Post Graduate students from various medical colleges within and outside the state.

Research and related Activities: The department is known for its research and academic activities. The faculty and residents with active support from the technical staff have undertaken several research projects including thesis work of PG students and Ph.D scholars. The department takes pride in contributing to more than 250 published articles in various national and international journals. The department collaborates with central institutes like CCMB, CDFD, NIN and university of Hyderabad for basic research work in molecular biology, proteianics, genetic work up and contributed significantly in the study of human gliomas, and muscle diseases.

Recently the department is granted financial support under FIST programme from DST for supporting the research work and infrastructure development. The faculty edited text books and contributed chapters to several books and monograms. The faculty received several awards and honors for their contributions in their professional bodies and other contributions. The department always participated and actively contributed to the various committees in the administration, technical evaluation for equipment, editorial work, Library, ethics committee and others.





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