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Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
(A University Established Under State Act)
Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana, India
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Emergency Services


 There is a two floor Emergency Block in the institute to deal with emergencies. It was established under the PMSSY project in 2012. It consists of a Tier I trauma centre and acute  medical care unit with a bed capacity of 96 beds. There are 3 intensive care units with fully equipped triage facilities for disaster management. The EMD facilities are managed and monitored by the Department of Emergency Medicine consisting of   6 faculties, Senior Residents and 12 Emergency Medical officers. There is round the clock availability of doctors from supporting Departments of Medical and Surgical branches.

The Department has 2 major and 1 minor operation theatre. 24 hour laboratory and blood bank services are present in the same building.

There is a facility for direct admission under Arogyasri and various other insurance schemes. A dedicated desk with Arogyasri is present at entrance of EMD. Being a tertiary care hospital, we resuscitate and stabilise polytraumas and critically ill patients.

A General Surgery team is attached to the Department which runs OPD services for simple surgical procedures like hydroceles and hernias.

The Department believes in providing round the clock best services or the acute medical and surgical cases.

 R M O - Emergency (24 Hours)

 +914023489030,    Duty R.M.O. Mobile Number : 09490296073

 Emergency Reception (24 Hours)