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Last Updated: 07-Jul-2020 07:13:49
Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences
(A University Established Under State Act)
Hyderabad - 500082, Telangana, India
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Details of Tender
Number: Rc.No.93/MDS/2017/Non RC
Title: NIMS-MDS-Short Quotations for Supply of Drugs
Start Date: 22-12-2017
End Date: 28-12-2017 16:00
All tenders related to: Rc.No.93/MDS/2017/Non RC
Title: NIMS- Sealed Quatations for Inj. Recombinant Beta Glucosidase 400 id Date: 07-08-2017
Title: NIMS-MDS Short Quotations for Supply of Inj.Recombinant Beta Glucosidase and Syp.Posaconazole Date: 17-08-2017
Title: Notification for Cap.Crizotinib 250mg Date: 12-09-2017
Title: NIMS-Notification for Supply of Cap.Crizotinib 250mg Date: 06-10-2017
Title: NIMS-Notification for Tab.Ceritinib 150mg Date: 01-12-2017
Title: NIMS-MDS-Short Quotations for Supply of Drugs Date: 22-12-2017
Title: NIMS-MDS-Short Quotations for the supply of Tab.Palbociclib 125mg and Inj.Fulvestarant 250 Date: 25-06-2018
Title: NIMS-MDS-Short quotation for the supply of Inj.Lipdol Ultra Fluid 480mg/ml-10ml - Reg. Date: 19-09-2018
Title: NIMS-MDS-Short Tender for the Supply of Inj.Human Albumin 20 percent 100 ml Date: 11-10-2018